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We offer a variety of counselling services:

- Relationship / Couples / Marriage Counselling

- Family Counselling

- Trauma Counselling

- Children's Counselling

- Teenage Counselling

- Improving overall well-being


"We are still married and 100% back on track thanks to you. You were instrumental in the reconstruction of our relationship"  

"You focused on 'us' rather than having a textbook approach. You provided a safe space for us both to share our conernce, equipping us with the tools to reconnect."

"You listen & I feel safe with you. From our first appointment I felt I could open up to you & told you things I have not told any other professionals"

"You gave us the tools to repair our relationship. We feel closter to each other now."

"Before working with Rae, I had troubles with relationships, boundaries, emotional flooding, and working through past trauma. I was resentful, anxious and held onto attachments that weren't beneficial to me. After nine months, my relationships are stronger, I can assert my needs and boundaries more, and let go of attachments that aren't serving me. I've still got some healing and learning to do, but knowing that Rae is there to guide me, give me hope that one day I'll be the secure person I know I will be." - Jessie